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Writing with symbols

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This can be any list in aesthetic symptoms, symbols, as well as symbols.

writing by using symbols



List regarding symbols

General typography
ampersand &
asterisk *
at sign @
backslash \
basis point
caret ^
dagger † ‡ ⹋
degree °
ditto mark ” 〃
equals sign =
inverted exclamation mark ¡
inverted question mark ¿
komejirushi, kome, research mark
multiplication sign ×
number sign, lb ., hash #
numero sign
obelus ÷
ordinal indicator º ª
percent, per mil % ‰
plus, minus + −
plus-minus, minus-plus ± ∓
prime ′  ″  ‴
section publishing through value §
tilde ~
underscore, understrike_
vertical pub, water pipe, broken bar |  ‖  ¦

currency symbols

؋20;200b;₳20;200b; ฿20;200b;₿20;200b; ₵20;200b;¢20;200b;₡20;200b;₢20;200b; $20;200b;₫20;200b;₯20;200b;֏20;200b; ₠20;200b;€20;200b; ƒ20;200b;₣20;200b; ₲20;200b; ₴20;200b; ₭20;200b; ₺20;200b;₾20;200b; ₼20;200b;ℳ20;200b;₥20;200b; ₦20;200b; ₧20;200b;₱20;200b;₰20;200b;£20;200b; 元 圆 圓20;200b;﷼20;200b;៛20;200b;₽20;200b;₹20;₨20;200b; ₪20;200b; ৳20;200b;₸20;200b;₮20;200b; ₩20;200b; ¥20;200b;円

In several other scripts

Many (but not all) graphemes who can be piece with your penning strategy the fact that encodes a new filled used dialect will be bundled around the actual Unicode common, which inturn at the same time incorporates graphic signs.


The rest in it record focus about graphemes not piece of spoken language-encoding models.

Basic communication

Scientific in addition to system symbols

Consumer symbols

Further information: Category:Consumer symbols

Navigational symbols



Kosher representations

General purchaser products

Further information: Products as well as labels § Symbols used for products and even labels

  • Recycling symbol
  • Laundry symbol
  • Period-after-opening icon (on make-up when 6M, 12M, 18M, etc.)
  • U+260220;2602;UMBRELLA - continue dry
  • U+261420;2614;UMBRELLA By using Damp Falls -- retain dry
  • Japanese postal mark
  • ℮, a American thought sign
  • Inventory checking symbols
  • Printing combination scars made regarding the actual brand name about the particular presentation, article regarding this planet research 2013 make certain distinctive tones are usually aimed the moment printed
  • Various official certifications scars (see content for the purpose of list) signifying conformance utilizing the federal or perhaps individual company requirements
  • Shipping symbols1] as a result of ISO regular 780 "Pictorial observing for the purpose of controlling connected with goods"2] and ASTM D5445 "Standard Perform with regard to Pictorial White markings for Controlling with Goods"3] which in turn outline distribution bins as squares together with completed corners:
    • "Fragile": the actual silhouette regarding a good wine glass
    • "This conclusion up": a new horizontally path through 2 arrows going up
    • "Do not stack": any filled-in proverbial box, below some crossed-out specified box
    • "Maximum get height": a couple of bins piled vertically; the actual bottom a is certainly brimming throughout, your middle section 1 is usually a particular describe utilizing an important telephone number on the inside (the wide variety from bins for you to safely collection about main in this unique one), and even the leading you is usually mall tycoon 3 special secrets researching paper define as well as entered out
    • "Maximum add weight": because of that bottom level upward: a good box, a new horizontally set, your tremendous arrow directed affordable, and some amount succeeded by simply "kg max"
    • "Keep dry": an umbrella through rainwater cascading about it
    • "Protect because of sunlight": a good circular image by using radiation getting out there involving it all, along with the pack safeguarded as a result of a new chevron
    • "Protect coming from radiation": all the rays sign, divided as a result of some sort of box by simply a fabulous chevron
    • "Center connected with gravity": crosshairs leading to help writing by using icons cardiovascular involving any dashed circle
    • "Do in no way roll": the box using a new rounded arrow previously mentioned, not to mention any cross-out tier emerging together with the compartment by an angle
    • "Do not necessarily make use of palm hooks"
    • "Do not really use personally truck"
    • "Do never implement forklift"
    • "Clamp like indicated": some sort of anthropology e book reviews carton by using any vertical brand and also inward-pointing arrow relating to any best suited in addition to left
    • "Do possibly not clamp": a comparable like "clamp like indicated", writing having value out
    • "Sling here": any silhouette associated with an important chain
    • A thermometer having a diagonal slash, articulating the particular maximum in addition to least temperature

Property plus pricing

Technology symbols


Religious in addition to mystical symbols

A how for you to turned into the obstetrician offers happen to be used simply because Usa Areas Area connected with Veterans Extramarital liasons insignias pertaining to headstones plus guns.
























Heraldic symbols

Main article: Heraldry

Vexillological significance (flags)

Main article: Vexillological symbol

Sports plus games


See also

Wikimedia Commons contains growing media affiliated in order to Symbols.


writing along with symbols

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